construction timleapse videos are cool to watch...

Every video is made up of dozens of still images per-second, that when played back appear to our eyes as motion. What if we only took one shot every minute, hour or even once a day and played the images back at a speed of 25 frames per-second?

The result is an ultra-realistic playback of time, called a timelapse.

Timelapse video productions take what would normally be captured as single moments in time and create a moving, living story.


Timelapse projects lend well to the movement of large crowds or the flow of traffic. There is nothing more mesmerizing than the flow of time. A promotional timelapse video production for your business can entice more tourists to visit your city, or even your storefront

Construction Timelapes

Evolution of
construction projects

Construction timelapse videos allow you to capture the progress of your project, from start to finish and display your months of work in a matter of minutes. High-definition timelapse videos can become part of your sales and branding material to captivate the audience with your construction projects while giving potential customers a high definition look of your work.

Industrial Video Production

Production or assembly

Timelapse video productions offer customers an intimate, insider’s view of how the products they use every day are manufactured.

Online Video Production

Landscaping infrastructure

Civil engineers, architects and landscapers can use long-term timelapse videos as a visual tool, allowing potential customers to see your unique processes and exceptional work. High-quality, high-definition production will entice potential customers to use your services.