Emotion Picture Studios is a corporate video production house. Our sister company, is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) laboratory. The businesses are symbiotic: companies and organizations that need professional videos generally also want their websites to rank highly with the search engines, and vice-versa.

Our unique business model has attracted some attention with the media. Here are some articles of interest:

A Web Video Can Turn Indifference Into A Sale

A good promotional video, whether it’s a DVD or on the home page of your website, is a powerful tool that can create a long-lasting positive impression. Video is a high-impact medium that lets the power and emotion of your message shine through.

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Make Online Video Work For Your Business

Tips to making an inexpensive and professional online sales video that works. It sounds like a myth: A hired sales person you pay only once, works for your business around the clock and is completely consistent with their sales delivery. This salesperson is not a human, but a virtual sales professional used in online video marketing. Businesses can use virtual sales professionals to work 24/7- 365 days a year without break, to spread their sales message online.

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Scott Wilson On “Let’s Talk About It” Show On Cfis 93.1 FM.

Scott Wilson talks about how Geek Certified stands out on the internet marketing business and gives tips on how to optimize your website…

Scott Wilson On The John Biggs Show On Talk820 FM. (April’s Interview)

Scott Wilson, CEO and President was asked to share a little of his expert Search Engine Optimization wisdom with the listeners of the John Biggs show on Talk820 FM.

Burlington Brothers Easy To Find On NET

by Lisa Grace Marr, The Hamilton Spectator

Scott Wilson,  who own Emotion Picture Studios in Mississauga, wanted to boost their Google search results a few years ago. They hired a search-engine optimization consultant, paid $15,000 and got zip. So they did it themselves.

They had received some federal/provincial grant money through the SHRED program (scientific research with expanded development), studied video streaming on the Internet and then attacked the problem of getting Google to market businesses better.

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Scott Wilson On The John Biggs Show On Talk820 FM.

On Tuesday, March 10th 2009, Scott Wilson, CEO and President was asked to share a little of his expert Search Engine Optimization wisdom with the listeners of the John Biggs show on Talk820 FM.

All You Need To Know About SEO

Scott Wilson, Pharmaceutical Executive

The Internet is proving to be the great leveller of enterprises big and small in the Web 2.0 business world of today.

The Internet has quietly revolutionized the world in this new century. Consumers are banking, shopping, and being entertained and informed rom their personal computers. This massive shift of consumers to the Web has relevance far beyond those in the media and entertainment industries. Today as never before, people are researching their health, their diseases, and their medications online. According to comScore, Inc., 61 billion searches were conducted worldwide on the Internet in August 2007; nearly half (43 percent) were medical or health related, according to Hitwise, an online competitive intelligence service. But although we see this shift of eyeballs to the Internet, drug marketing has been slow to follow. Those who have transitioned to online advertising have found a medium that moves at light speed and operates under rules far different from the traditional offline world. Great online content delivers targeted messages to your audience.

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The Google Advantage

Paul Brent, Financial Post

Google has proven to be such a dominant search that Microsoft Corp. has been forced to introduce a plan to pay consumers to search the Internet in an effort to gain more attention. The pay-for-search model may gain Microsoft some eyeballs, but it seems unlikely the scheme will topple Google from its lofty perch.

Because Google is perceived to be the search engine of choice for North American businesses and consumers, companies pay big bucks to Internet search experts, or search engine optimizers (SEO), to ensure their products and services appear at or near the top of its search list. “Winning search in the dot-com space is getting so competitive for major keywords like golf or shoes, It is hard to win.

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Inflate That Marketing Balloon

Rick Spence, Financial Post

The Internet is proving to be the great leveller of enterprises big and small in the Web 2.0 business world of today.

The other day I was trying to arrange a meeting with someone arriving from out of town. It made sense to meet near the airport, and I remembered a good restaurant at one airport hotel — but naturally I couldn’t remember if it was a Crowne Plaza, a Courtyard or a Comfort Inn, or a Days, Delta or DoubleTree.

So I Googled it. And I got a list of dozens of airport-area hotels in Toronto, along with one of those colourful little Google maps covered with red balloons. Each of those balloons was a marker representing one airport hotel, and they were lying on top of each other like so many old pieces of firewood. I worked my way through all of them, but never found the hotel I was looking for.

We ended up meeting downtown.

So what’s with these little red balloons? They’re an essential, but little understood, part of any small business’s marketing plan.

It’s called Google Local Business, and it’s a service tailor-made to small businesses looking to get found on the Web. It turns out I couldn’t find the hotel I was looking for because its management hasn’t figured out the opportunity yet.

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Emotion Picture Studio’s SEO Techniques Produce Instant Results!

Jim McElgunn, PROFIT magazine

Two weeks ago, I read the article “Google grabbers” (Handbook, March 2008) and immediately implemented two of your five recommendations.

In less than a week, the majority of the search keywords for our product, Stone-field Query, have shown up on the first page of Google, most of them No.1! Needless to say, we plan on implementing the other three tips.

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Online Marketing: Google Grabbers

Jim McElgunn, PROFIT magazine
Published: March 2008

His first experience of search-engine optimization left a bitter taste for Scott Wilson. He was shocked to find that the advice he had paid an SEO consultant $16,000 for did nothing to boost the Google rankings of his video-production company’s website.

The trouble was that the consultant had theories about the best SEO tactics, but no proof that they worked. That gave Wilson, president of Burlington, Ont.-based eMotionPictureStudios, an idea: to start his own SEO service that would recommend only those tactics proven effective by scientific experiments.

He formed an eight-person team packed with math, science and programming big brains that since 2005 has rigorously tested hundreds of propositions about what will land a site a top-30 Google ranking for a given search term. This project, unique in the world, creates one website as a control and then, say, nine variations on it to gauge how changing a single factor affects the ranking. Wilson’s team has identified more than 60 effective tactics, although he stresses that they won’t work if your content stinks.

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Overlooked Area Of Web Page Traffic Key To Future Growth

Rick Spence, Financial Post
Published: Monday, December, 2007

Quick question: At your business, is the Internet an opportunity or a liability?

There has never been a more cost-efficient communications tool. But the Net is also a trackless jungle where millions of Web sites compete for attention. Yet, you can turn this wasteland into a paved driveway that delivers qualified prospects to your door.

The solution is search-engine optimization (SEO), an art that combines science, math and literature to make your site a Web magnet. “SEO is the single most important marketing and communications medium available today,” says Scott Wilson, an SEO consultant entrepreneur in Burlington, Ont. “It can take your business to entirely new levels.”

Wilson isn’t saying that just because he sells SEO services, rather he sells SEO because it works for him.

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For This Investor, It’s All About Leverage

The Globe and Mail

From living with his in-laws’ basement with his wife, son and new-born daughter in 2003, Mr. Wilson has come a long way.

That year he opened an online trading account and purchased out-of-favour McDonald’s Corp. initially at $12.00 (US) a share and continued to add to his holding. “I bought stock every chance I could and also utilized leverage to buy more stock.

Over the next 12 months the stock shot up and I sold it as it approached $30.00.

I invested approximately $7,500 in my first year. By picking a winning stock and utilizing leverage to the max I was able to turn that into over $40,000. I used this money as a down-payment on my first house, which enable me to move my family into a much better environment.””

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Optimizers Can Help Your Website Succeed

Paul Brent, The Toronto Star
Published: May 2007

The Internet is proving to be the great leveller of enterprises big and small in the Web 2.0 business world of today.

A professionally designed, well thought out website can make a business look larger and more capable than it really is, while a neglected Web presence can have the opposite effect.

“People look at our company and think we are a multi-million-dollar company, when in fact we are just three years old and just hit $1 million in revenue last year,” says Scott Wilson, a partner in Emotion Picture Studios of Mississauga, Ontario. “But our Internet presence suggests we are a much larger and more successful company.”

The family-owned firm, which specializes in search engine optimization and industrial videos, has learned appearances can be deceiving when it comes to the Internet….

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Executive Learn Secrets Of Web Warfare

Mississauga Business Times

Each year the internet is grabbing a bigger chunk of business marketing budgets.

A new seminar, held last month at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre, gave senior executives a top-level view of strategies they can use to compete, and win in this dynamic marketing medium.

“SEO for the CEO™”, presented by Scott Wilson of Mississauga firm Emotion Picture Studios, showed how companies can take advantage of new search engine optimization techniques to attract more customers to their websites and keep them there longer to make a buying decision.

In 2004, an Encarta study found 63.9 percent of business purchasing decisions were search engine based.

The business owners and senior executives at the morning seminar were briefed on steps their staff could take to ensure that websites were found and listed by search engines, including these common website setup do’s and don’ts.

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