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At Emotion we understand that content is the entire basis for internet search, and a play button on a video is the most compelling call to action around. Our professional video company is a marriage of these fundamental principles, high quality video content and the optimization of  internet search to produce sales leads and generate conversions.

  • Through the use of our professional video services, your next corporate branding initiative can become a magnet for leads.
  • Increase your sales team’s success rate with an eye catching promotional video production. Put a face to your company with a professional, tailor made executive profile. Streamline the on-boarding process with an engaging employee orientation video. Let your customers do the talking for you with powerful video testimonials. Outline your company’s beliefs and mission statement with a professionally crafted brand video. The possibilities are endless.

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Corporate video production services our company specialize in...

  • Strategic Meeting
  • Full Script With Revisions
  • Storyboard With Revisions
  • Up to 3 Days of Shooting With Flexible Hours
  • Access to Green-Screen +Teleprompter
  • Ultra HD RED Epic and Sony FS7 Cameras
  • Apple Final Cut Master Certification Editing
  • Animation & Graphics
  • Audio Mixing & Professional Voice Over
  • Subtitles & Translation Services
  • Multiple Outputs to Choose From
  • Our Ultra HD timelapse service can be added to any video package.

Corporate video production done right...

Our corporate video production company is well suited to promote the history of your company, the totality of your brand and its core messages. The purpose of marketing is to tactfully position your brand in order to communicate the unique value proposition of your company to the appropriate audience. A product or service rarely appeals to everyone. At Emotion Picture Studios we understand that the traditional strategy of marketing to the masses is crumbling. Increasingly, marketing is geared toward a mass of niches. This is the crux of successful corporate video production. We can ensure your message is tailored to a well-defined audience.

Corporate video production can be a fruitful undertaking if you hire a professional video company that understands the value of connecting with consumers on an emotional level. All too often branding relies on product-specific minutia when, in practice, it is emotive language and visuals that resonate most with consumers. Through corporate video production, it becomes possible to convey the intangible qualities of your product or service. We’d love to hear about your corporate video needs. 

Tell your company’s story with Emotion...

We leverage agile frameworks for our videos productions to provide a robust synopsis of our vision before we start. Iterative approaches to corporate video strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. Our corporate video production team will work with you to deliver your company’s message in a cost-effective and memorable way.  Through research, time on-site and a strategic launch meeting, we will wrap our heads around your brand and create a script and storyboard that will captivate your target demographic. Take control of your brand’s image and future, with a compelling video in your style and your voice.



Emotion Picture Studios is a principled company. All of our professional video productions are based on integrity. People rightly assume that custom video production is dependent on many technical factors, but oftentimes people undervalue company culture. Assessing whether or not a professional video company is a good cultural fit for your business is integral to ensuring that the quality of the work produced meets a high standard. Our company culture is one that revolves around establishing partnerships with our clients. Emotion Picture Studios expends a great deal of effort in forging a partnership with you because when you decide to work with us you are much more than a sale, you are part of the Emotion family.

As such, we come to view and treat your brand with the same integrity that we have for our own company. We make a point of understanding, at a visceral level, what your company is all about and how it works. We are not only passionate about what we do, but your work as well. From the word “Action” we are invested in making you successful through an expertly crafted corporate branding campaign.


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We understand that marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell. Corporate videos can take your unique story and infuse it with the path to purchase of a consumer. This is a tremendous asset to your business because it instantly humanizes the selling process. Consider video as the utility tool for every aspect of your marketing. A corporate, promotional, tradeshow, testimonial or product video can be used throughout the customer lifecycle. It enables us to repeatedly reinforce your company history, brand message, products and services through specific video platforms designed to generate leads and conversions for your business.

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Restaurant Training Video

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As your partner, our ultimate goal is to provide you with a polished video product that meets our standards and exceeds your expectations. At Emotion, we believe that this goal is only realized through an ongoing dialogue with you, and a willingness to constantly improve upon your video campaign.

From script to screen in as little as 8 days, and with Hollywood standard equipment, we can’t wait to help tell your story.


Employee orientation videos

An employee orientation video is an excellent investment if your company is experiencing growth, turnover, or wanting to make the most of valuable employee training time. Training new people takes time, money and energy; a training video helps make onboarding your new hires easy, fast and consistent.

Using a video means that every new employee on your staff will receive the same orientation. Once hired, an employee can view the video, leaving your managers free to work on other tasks. Also, your staff can keep the video as a reminder of company policies and procedures. Custom-made to suit your company’s needs, employee orientation videos save money, time, and offer a fantastic return on investment.

Restaurant Training Video Production