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Webcasting and virtual events have become a large component of any integrated communications strategy. Already a staple of Investor Relations practices, marketing and communications professionals consistently rank webcasting as one of their favourite emerging communications tools. By taking advantage of rich media and the power of the Internet, webcasting providers allow businesses to communicate with large audiences across any geographic region in an easy and cost effective manner.

As an industry leading webcast provider,  eMotion Picture Studios’ technology and experience have the potential to benefit any business. Our ability to provide unparalleled HD streaming services and expert webcast solutions allows for professional and efficient video shooting, editing and production to be done in a cost effective way.

With over a decade of experience in corporate video hosting services and live event coverage, eMotion Picture Studios delivers quality results, working hard to perfectly execute our clients’ vision. However, it is eMotion’s advanced video compression capabilities, not the method of delivery, that make the biggest difference.

Webcast Uses

  • Investor Relations – earnings calls, annual general meetings
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing seminars, product launches
  • Sales channel engagement and training
  • Internal communications, virtual town hall meetings
  • Thought Leadership Events
  • Learning & Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Webinar Delivery

Webcasting Benefits

As a superior webcast provider, we not only deliver dynamic virtual events, but also provide the tools you need to measure the success of each one. Whether you are a marketing professional looking to develop and nurture leads, a communications professional looking to reach employees worldwide or a human resources professional looking to train employees in a dynamic fashion, eMotion Picture Studios off­ers the webcasting services tools to get the job done.

Webcasts are proven to be four to seven times more effective than text and photos, and are one of the best ways to increase uptake and results. Think about it: as a busy executive, do you prefer reading reams of type, or sitting back and watching as a speaker paints a picture with words? It’s no wonder webcast companies have grown in popularity in recent years. There is simply no competing with taking in a live webinar event from the comfort of your home, or personal office.

State of the Art Analytics and Reporting

The graphics below outline the ability to understand, not just in real time but post-event, who you were able to reach during your webcast, and how engaged the audience was. From comprehensive post-event reports to graphics-rich monitoring tools, you’ll have all of the information you’ll need to gauge the effectiveness of your communications and plan for ways to improve the next time out.

Reporting Features

Custom Reports
Each Webcast Center report can be viewed in HTML or downloaded as a CSV. You also have the option to run custom ‑filters on your report data to drill down on specific demographics of your audience.

Interactions Reporting
Track all questions submitted by viewers, polls responded to and survey responses.

Event Details Report
Provides you with easy to access event statistics such as Live Viewers, Archive viewers and no shows as well as referral tracking, average viewer duration and interactions overview.

Referral Tracking
Track which of your communications channel drove the most registrations and viewership.

Data Authenticity
Using the Manage Registrants feature you can easily delete testing data to improve the authenticity of your data.

Google Analytics Reporting

Track page views, abandonment rate, geo-tracking and even entrance paths allowing you to see if your event has been given a boost by promotion on a social network site or other web source.

Webcasting Interface and Advanced Features

The webcast platform is a hosted application that allows organizers to access the platform from any web connection to update event information, download reports or manage a live webcast event. This application does not require any special downloads for viewers or organizers, making it easily accessible for guest speakers and your viewing audience.

Versatile templates allow you to customize the look and feel of the webcast event, which allows for putting your branding on the webcast player. We offer a wide range of custom branding if our variety of webcast templates is not sufficient.

We also boast a robust feature set allowing event organizers to plan and execute dynamic and interactive webcast events without the need for customization or additional costs. Live or on-demand Webcast Center events can be delivered with synchronized power point slides, remote question submission, interactive polling, exit surveys and downloadable event resources quickly and effectively, with our unique HD video streaming capabilities.

What Makes a Successful Webcast?

Our platform is feature rich, reliable and easy to use, ranking it amongst the industry’s top platforms for web events

Our platform is supported by detailed process documentation providing you clear direction on what is required to ensure success

We are supported by seasoned professionals who have managed thousands of web events. Whether you require them to assist you remotely or onsite, your Event Manager will be there to support you and your speakers.

The Difference

Our webcasting ability is the product of years’ of experience delivering thousands of webcasts. Using eMotion for our webcasting services over 15 years of video production expertise means you can rest easy knowing your experience with us will be simple, cost e­ffective and seamless thanks to:

  • Proven, state-of-the-art technology
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Fully managed , end-to-end services
  • Simplified webcast workflow

Webcast Support

eMotion Picture Studios has a great deal of experience supporting clients on the ground at their offices or event venues. Support can range from providing staging and audio video services, camera operators, Q&A Management or event moderation to remote assistance on the Webcast Console.

Through our network of partners and skilled support staff we have supported live webcast events across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver and internationally from New York to Milan.

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