Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding Video Packages
Corporate video solutions are just a mouse click away.

  • Strategic Meeting
  • Full Script With Revisions
  • Storyboard With Revisions
  • Up to 3 Days of Shooting With Flexible Hours
  • Access to Green-Screen +Teleprompter
  • Ultra HD RED Epic and Sony FS7 Cameras
  • Apple Final Cut Master Certification Editing
  • Animation & Graphics
  • Audio Mixing & Professional Voice Over
  • Subtitles & Translation Services
  • Multiple Outputs to Choose From

Our Ultra HD timelapse service can be added to any video package.

Why Custom Video Production?

At eMotion we understand that content is the entire basis for internet search, and a play button on a video is the most compelling call to action around. Our professional video company is a marriage of these fundamental principles, high quality video content and the optimization of  internet search to produce sales leads and generate conversions.

Through the use of our professional video services, your next corporate branding initiative can become a magnet for leads.

Increase your sales team’s success rate with an eye catching promotional video production.

Put a face to your company with a professional, tailor made executive profile.

Streamline the on-boarding process with an engaging employee orientation video.

Let your customers do the talking for you with powerful video testimonials.

Outline your company’s beliefs and mission statement with a professionally crafted brand video.

Generate more leads with a tradeshow video production at your next event.

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Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production is well suited to promote the history of your company, the totality of your brand and its core message. The purpose of marketing is to tactfully position your brand in order to communicate the unique value proposition of your company to the appropriate audience. A product or service rarely appeals to everyone. At eMotion Picture Studios we understand that the traditional strategy of marketing to masses is crumbling. Increasingly, marketing is geared toward a mass of niches. This is the crux of successful corporate video production. We can ensure that your message is tailored to a well-defined audience.

Corporate video production can be a fruitful undertaking if you hire a professional video company that understands the value of connecting with consumers on an emotional level. All too often branding relies on product-specific minutia when, in practice, it is emotive language and visuals that resonate most with consumers. Through corporate video production, it becomes possible to convey the intangible qualities of your product or service.

Brand Videos

Tell Your Company’s Story…With eMotion.

Our corporate video production team will work with you to deliver your company’s message in a cost-effective and memorable way.  Through research, time on-site and a strategic launch meeting, we will wrap our heads around your brand and create a script and storyboard that will captivate your target demographic. Take control of your brand’s image and future, with a compelling marketing video from eMotion Picture Studios.



Executive Profiles

Connect. Captivate. Compel.

A creative partnership with eMotion ensures your message is heard– loud and clear.  Outline your organizational culture and make a personal connection that humanizes your brand in the eyes of your audience. Consider creating a professional, effective, executive profile with our corporate video team today.



Product Videos

Custom video production may be invaluable in the marketing and sale of online products. A strong correlation has been found between the number of sales of a product and the extent to which it was displayed. Our professional video services can showcase multiple skews in a range of colors and sizes, from multiple angles and even full product demonstrations. It is estimated that product videos can increase conversions by 25%. The great thing about them is that they are highly informative and create an in-store experience.



Viral Marketing Videos

Expand Your Reach. Increase Your Sales

Videos get shared 1200% more than any other form of content.  eMotion’s corporate video production team will collaborate with you to create a viral marketing sizzle reel to use in your digital campaigns on any social media platform.

Our strategic partnership with, a digital marketing agency, has allowed us to out-perform and out-rank the competition, using innovative video SEO tactics.



Web Videos

Turn Visits Into Sales With An Effective Web Video.

Video sells better than any other medium by a landslide.  Increase the traffic to your website, and generate more leads with the web video production team at eMotion. Our Video SEO tactics can put your video in front of more prospective clientele than any other video production house on the planet.

Consumers are also 174% more likely to buy a product after viewing a video describing it.



90-120 Second Sizzler Reels

Generate More Leads.

Arm your sales team with the most effective form of content marketing on the planet; video.  Just having the word ‘video’ in the subject line of e-mails increases the average open rate by 19%.  Together with eMotion, create a sharp and effective promotional video that will generate more leads for your sales team.

Add mileage to your custom video production by repurposing your promotional video for use in your next social media campaign.



Promotional Video Production

Promotional video production is similarly well suited to arm a sales team with, but has additional applications to specific product lines, products and services. By the year 2020, promotional video production will comprise nearly one third of all online advertising. This means it is vital to your branding and success in sales. However, promotional video production can be a double-edged sword in that a good video can do wonders for your business, but a bad video can harm your brand and business. This is why it is in your best interest to view promotional video production as an investment in your success. It is a highly specialized field so you should consider retaining professional video services. Our process of promotional video production will ensure that your marketing video is effective and will remain competitive in an evolving industry.



Trade Show Videos

Tradeshow video production embodies much of the same qualities as the other platforms, but is specifically catered to improve your success in the hectic live trade show environment. Tradeshow video production is an immensely powerful way to stand out amidst a sea of competition. The vast majority of exhibitors utilize video to help showcase their products. However, more often than not these videos are downright awful. This is because few companies develop a strategy to guide the tradeshow video production process. That is to say that there is a great deal more determinants involved in the success of trade show videos than simply pressing the play button.

The reality is that people have an impossibly short attention span. As such, succinctness is of critical importance in a trade show environment. You only have precious seconds to secure a viewer’s attention and deliver the message. We can facilitate requests for custom video productions that require special care and attention like trade show videos.



Video Testimonials 

Testimonial videos are more powerful than the written word.  A website with 3 or more testimonial videos included is 39% more likely to convert a browser into a buyer.  Highlight your company through the eyes of those who matter most; your satisfied customers.  We can shoot on-site, or provide access to green-screens and tele-prompters in-house, either way, eMotion makes the whole process quick and clean.

In order to understand just how powerful video testimonials are, it is imperative that you recognize that people do not respond well to self-congratulatory or self-aggrandizing promotion. The power of video testimonials is that they promote your brand through the voices of satisfied customers or clients. On the one hand they have as much inherent sales potential as any other video platform you incorporate into a corporate branding campaign. On the other hand, they lend a dimension of authenticity to a corporate branding campaign that you would otherwise not be able to achieve with other video platforms.

Any one of these platforms can be the basis for, or a part of, a corporate branding strategy. That is to say that their individual use is not contingent on their collective use. Each of these platforms is connected to the other by their intended result, which is to produce leads and generate conversions for your business. This means that the strength and overall success of a corporate branding campaign will be bolstered by the more video platforms you utilize. However, this does not mean that commissioning the production of a single corporate, promotional, product, tradeshow or testimonial video is not advantageous to you. On the contrary, the use of video in any capacity will drastically improve brand awareness, produce leads and generate conversions for your business.



Professional Video Services

In order to fully appreciate the importance of professional video services in the sales process, it is imperative that you understand how prospective clients or customers think in today’s market. At eMotion we realize that people do not want to receive cold calls, in fact, most people do not want to speak to a sales rep until they are ready. This is due to the fact that today’s consumer is more well informed and as such is much further along the path to purchase than ever before. This means that by the time a consumer speaks to a live sales representative they have nearly made up their mind. The problem is, if the consumer has already made up his or her mind by the time they speak to a live representative then what is the point in using professional video services to drive leads?

At eMotion, we are concerned with what prospective clients or customers are doing to make up their mind. According to Google, they are doing two key things:

  • First, they use search engines to research what they are looking for.
  • Second, they’re visiting company or brand websites for additional information.



How Video Affects Your Bottom Line

Websites play a much larger role in the buying process than they did previously. You may see the relevance of utilizing professional video services in corporate branding campaign. You may even appreciate the impact search has on the sales process. What you may not see is that video is the commonality between successful corporate branding and sales. The reality is that the human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text.

Web pages with embedded video produce conversions at a rate nearly six times greater than their non-video counterparts. In the cluttered media landscape, video is a distinct edge. Research indicates that 80% of visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will read content. So, if your website doesn’t have any videos, you may be missing a big opportunity to tell your story.


What Makes Us Different

eMotion Picture Studios is a principled company. Integrity is the value that informs all of our endeavours up to and including our professional video services. People rightly assume that custom video production is dependent on many technical factors, but oftentimes people undervalue company culture. Assessing whether or not a professional video company is a good cultural fit for your business is integral to ensuring that the quality of the work produced meets a high standard. Our company culture is one that revolves around establishing partnerships with our clients. eMotion Picture Studios expends a great deal of effort in forging a partnership with you because when you decide to work with us you are much more than a sale, you are part of the eMotion family.

As such, we come to view and treat your brand with the same integrity that we have for our own company. We make a point of understanding, at a visceral level, what your company is all about and how it works. We are not only passionate about what we do, but your work as well. From the word “Go” we are invested in making you successful through an expertly crafted corporate branding campaign.


Our Superior Workflow


We understand that marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell. In custom video production we take your unique story and infuse it with the path to purchase of a consumer. This is a tremendous asset to your business because it instantly humanizes the selling process. Consider custom video production as the utility tool for every aspect of internet marketing. A corporate, promotional, tradeshow, testimonial or product video can be used throughout the customer lifecycle. It enables us to repeatedly reinforce your company history, brand message, products and services through specific video platforms designed to generate leads and conversions for your business.

A corporate branding campaign is an important and sometimes large undertaking so rate of production is something to consider. At eMotion we produce content at a rate that will sustain a video campaign. We can provide tremendous insight as to how to properly structure your video campaign based on your short term and long term objectives. This is one of many instances wherein our expertise extends well beyond the shooting and final cut of your video. At eMotion Picture Studios, we have the capability to store and manage your video content and determine your ROI through the use of advanced analytics.



Contact A Professional Video Company

As your partner, our ultimate goal is to provide you with a polished video product that meets our standards and exceeds your expectations. At eMotion, we believe that this goal is only realized through an ongoing dialogue with you, and a willingness to constantly improve upon your video campaign.

From script to screen in as little as 8 days, and with Hollywood standard equipment, eMotion Picture Studios is the clear choice for your next corporate video initiative.  Call us at 1-289-259-8059, or connect with one of our producers via LiveChat or online form.