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Photographs are motionless images. These images do not move, leave, or emerge; they are anesthetized and fastened down, like butterflies. In this sense, the photograph fills sight by force, and does not allow us to refuse what it projects.

For this reason, photography is a bizarre medium in that it simultaneously reveals truth, and distorts our perception. Photographs reveal truth in that they capture a point in time, but fail us by not allowing us to perceive images in context.

Today, photography is more prevalent than ever. The onslaught of images has made us impotent in terms of our ability to conceive duration or time. In photography, our perception of our world is populated with rapid, disjointed images that are chafed by reality. That is to say that it has been unable to capture growth or the progression of time. Traditionally, it has been a medium that has denied ripening.


Why Time-Lapse Photography?

What if processes that would normally appear subtle to the human eye like the slow revolution of stars or the gentle rising and falling of the tide could be seen vividly and immediately? The truth is that photography techniques have developed that make this possible.

Time-lapse photography services involve a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured, the frame rate, is much lower than that used to view a sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. This technique has many practical and aesthetic benefits for businesses.


Who Should Use it, When Should they Use it, and How they Should Use it

Time-lapse videos are striking in that they expand the boundaries of perception to the point where we begin to experience our world in a more meaningful and complex way. eMotion Picture Studios is a time-lapse photography company that specializes in crafting stunning videos for the purposes of promoting and expanding the branding and sales of businesses. Our time-lapse photography services lend well to certain subjects such as:

Cityscapes→ time-lapse services are perfect for capturing cityscapes and to highlight the beauty of a city. In particular, time-lapse photography services lend well to the movement of large crowds, or traffic. There’s nothing more magical than the flow of time. A promotional video production for your business featuring time-lapse production techniques could easily entice tourists to visit.

Nature or Outdoor Scenery → it isn’t surprising that time-lapse photography services are well adapted to nature or outdoor scenery. Time-lapse video production was, arguably, most heavily popularized by Dr. John Ott, a photographer who documented the slow growth of plants.

Evolution of Construction Projects → Imagine capturing your entire construction project from start to finish, and showcasing your days, weeks, months or years of work in just a few minutes. Time-lapse photography services enable you to display your work in high definition. This can become part of your sales material, online branding, or both.

Interior Design → a home redesign is a great subject for time-lapse photography services.  Time-lapse techniques are used regularly on network television design shows. We offer time-lapse production services that can make your business stand out.

Production or Assembly → show your customers how your product is made. Through our time-lapse photography services you can provide an intimate look into how you manufacture the product they use every day.

Landscaping | Infrastructure → A beautiful landscape takes a lot of vision and work to create. Time-lapse photography services can be used by civil engineers, architects, and landscapers as a visual tool on a website to show potential clients how it is done, and hopefully to entice them to retain your services.

Venues → Sports clubs, arenas, charities, fundraisers and art expositions attract thousands of visitors. With time-lapse photography services you can show fans or guests filling an immense space. This can be a very impressive sight, and has practical applications to the promotion and branding of the event or event venue.

Marketing → time-lapse photography services can also be used by major brands for marketing engagement, commercials, viral contests, and social promotions.


What is it, and How is it Done?

Nearly 64% of online consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a product video. As such, it is no longer possible to avoid utilizing video in your online marketing strategy. Since 2009, web searches for time-lapse photography services have grown fourfold.  This means that a good video can go viral in minutes. Therefore, why not commission a time-lapse video company to create a video as a value-add for marketing and pitching your next contract, or securing your next sale?

This is especially true if your product or service involves slow, incremental change over a long period of time. Time-lapse video production is a great way to tell your story in a concise and visually striking way.  Time-lapse photographers take photos at regular intervals ranging anywhere from one per second to one per day from the same vantage point. Afterward the photos are then strung together into a video that showcases the normally slow and imperceptible process in just seconds.

Time-lapse photography services are often misunderstood. Essentially, time-lapse photography is an extreme form of the cinematography technique known as under-cranking. Under-cranking is a term that refers to old hand cranked cameras, specifically the act of running the camera slower than normal to achieve a fast motion effect.

In contrast, cinematographers referred to slow motion as over-cranking since it was an effect achieved by running the camera faster than normal. Time-lapse video production revolves around a similar premise. Film is often projected at 24 frames per second, meaning 24 images appear on the screen every second. Under normal circumstances, a film camera will record images at 24 frames per second.

Since the projection speed and recording speed are the same, the images onscreen appear to move at normal speed.

However, in time-lapse video production the frame rate can be varied to almost any degree, from a rate approaching a normal 24 to 30 frames per second to only one frame a day, a week, or more, depending on subject.  For example, an image of a scene may be captured once every second, then played back at 30 frames per second; the result is an apparent 30 times speed increase. The effect of photographing a subject that changes imperceptibly slowly creates a smooth impression of motion. Whereas, a subject that changes quickly is transformed into an onslaught of activity.

The term time-lapse can also apply to how long the shutter of the camera is open during the exposure of each frame of film. It is important to consider the relationship between the frame interval and the exposure time. This is the amount of motion blur present in each frame.

Motion blur can be increased or decreased by changing the amount of time a frame is exposed to light.  In short exposure time-lapse the film is exposed to light for a normal exposure time over an abnormal frame interval. This setup will create the effect of an extremely tight shutter angle, giving the film a stop-motion quality.

A lot of the aesthetic appeal of a time-lapse video is the seamless and quick transformation of a scene. Time-lapse photographers use a long exposure technique in order to yield this desired effect. In long exposure time-lapse the exposure time should be half of the frame interval. The resulting film will appear smooth. This is unpopular because it is difficult to properly expose film at such a long period, especially in daylight situations.


Why Choose Us?

The difficulty is that these terminology distinctions are not established in time-lapse video production circles so the term time-lapse photography can encompass different meanings. The challenge to the consumer is finding a time-lapse photography company that not only understands these distinctions, but who can deliver the polished video product that you need and love.

Our time-lapse photography company uses a multitude of technology, but here are four of our key materials:

A tripod

This acts as a platform for our cameras to ensure they remain stable throughout the time-lapse production process. Our triple-axis tripods enable us to capture footage from any angle.

A camera

The type of camera that our time-lapse photography company uses is critical to our success. If the quality of the camera is low, the time-lapse video would not meet your expectations, or our standards. Our time-lapse photography services hinge on the use of exceptional equipment like our Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras.


Our time-lapse photographers use neutral density (ND) filters to ensure that photographs have the proper light intensity levels to yield the highest quality pictures.  In simplest terms, neutral density filters are sunglasses for the camera lens. ND filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera without altering its color.  ND filters achieve this by reducing the intensity of the entire spectrum of light that passes through a lens. Due to the fact that there is a total reduction of light across the entire spectrum of color there is no change in the hue or color rendition.  The implication this has on time-lapse production is that if we attach an ND filter, the exposure value is reduced because there is less light leaving the lens. With less light we now have the flexibility to lower our shutter speed while keeping the same aperture and still get the exposure we want.  The result is same image brightness, but lower shutter speed. For example, achieving motion blur in bright conditions. This is why our time-lapse photographers use ND filters.

In still photography a fast shutter speed and minimal or no image blur is usually the goal, but in time-lapse photography services, because we string so many images together, we actually want a little motion blur in each image to create the illusion of smoother moving objects.  The intentional blurring is called dragging the shutter. ND filters ensure that in the process of  dragging the shutter our photos do not become washed out by overexposure to light.

An intervalometer

This may be one of the most important items our time-lapse photography company uses. This programmed device triggers the camera to capture the hundreds, thousands, or even millions of photographs at designated intervals. This makes it possible to have a short time-lapse video that spans a long period of time.  eMotion Picture Studios is a premier time-lapse photography company with a reputation for providing its clients with high-quality time-lapse videos. One of the premium cameras we use is the RED Epic® Digital Cinema camera; these  particular cameras are actually used to film.


Hollywood Production Quality

Another camera eMotion offers to its clients is the Canon© EOS 5D Mark II – one of the most recent revolutions in cameras used in time-lapse photography services. In addition, eMotion uses a Kessler CineSlider™, which is one of the best camera sliders on the market and ensures absolute control while our time-lapse photographer pans or tilts the camera. Stability or controlled movement is one of the most essential components to professional quality time-lapse videos.

At eMotion Picture Studios we offer the most cutting edge technology available in the market,  but what really sets us apart from other time-lapse photography companies are the skills of our time-lapse photographers. A tremendous amount of the value we bring to the time-lapse production process is in post-production and video editing services.

Among the many post-production and video editing techniques that we use, none have quite the same degree of impact as compositing. It entails the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all of those elements are parts of the same scene. Live action shooting for compositing is called Chroma keying.

Chroma keying is a special effects/post-production technique for compositing two images or video streams together based on color hues. The technique is widely used in many fields to remove a background from the subject of a photo or video. To achieve the effect, a color range in the top layer is made transparent, revealing another image behind. Specific color related variants of Chroma Keying can include the use of a Green-screen studio.

To reiterate, video is an accessible vehicle for storytelling that can avoid the obstacles ever-present with language. Even though written word can stimulate the senses, the combination of visual and audio elements can have an even greater effect.

It is our belief that time-lapse videos are the clear front-runner among stylistic and technical approaches to storytelling. This is due to the fact that a warped sense of time keeps viewers  engaged. However, this does not mean that pointing a camera at any old scene will yield a compelling and timeless video.

Amidst all of the technical requirements there is a something else that makes a time-lapse video great, and that is the human element. eMotion Picture Studios is a time-lapse video company that consistently innovates to bring your unique story to life.

Through time-lapse video production it becomes possible to understand the big concepts you wish you had the clarity to perceive on a daily basis. This process is not easy or self-explanatory; it takes a great deal of skill and vision.

We would be honoured to work with you and provide you with time-lapse photography services, whether you are interested in a video for personal or professional use. We will work closely with you during every step of the time-lapse production to ensure it meets your standards and your budget.

Let eMotion Picture Studios provide you with the specific time-lapse photography services you are interested in for your personal or professional endeavours. Our goal is not to meet your standards; it is to exceed them.