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Training success, at its most fundamental, can only be measured in terms of real-world applications. When it matters most, does your team have the tools necessary to avoid workplace accident or injury?

At eMotion Picture Studios, we create compelling construction site safety training media solutions that help keep your people secure. Our professional services are available to local and international clients both on-site and in-studio at our Burlington, Ontario location, where approximately one thousand film clips, including features intended for construction site safety training, have been successfully produced over the past fifteen years.

For your employees to give their best every day, they must be both generally qualified for the job and specifically aware of company best practices. To the responsible employer, we offer the reliability and consistency of a professionally produced construction safety training video developed to save you time and money, and which includes the crucial standard operating procedures instruction that has the potential to save lives.

Why Choose EMotion Picture Studios For Construction Site Safety Training?


Your construction training video, your terms. At eMotion Picture Studios, we deliver our valued clientele the flexibility and resources they need to create a product unique to their particular needs and goals. We welcome feedback to confirm that essential speaking points are included in the script, and can incorporate and re-edit desired footage as well as offer clients a teleprompter option if they wish to be featured on camera.

To ensure that important safety information is being interpreted correctly, our construction training video modules include interactive testing elements for simple yet effective documented employee certification. In matters of safety, it is imperative first and foremost to protect your employees and colleagues in the field, as well as to protect your solid reputation as a business owner with proper due diligence.

Save time with an experienced mobile production team that comes to you: you can choose to shoot and edit your construction training video on location with eMotion Picture Studios for an even more streamlined process.

A better R.O.I., sooner than you think. From script and storyboard to final product, your custom construction safety training video will be ready for use in as little as 8 days.


An Investment in People


At eMotion Picture Studios, we have developed an efficient construction training video strategy that protects your people and maximizes productive billable hours.

A consistent media teaching resource that can be archived for use and updated at any time reduces the unfavourable impact of training on company management and site staff. A comprehensive pre-recorded session ensures that all new hires have equal access to necessary procedural guidelines, as well as avoids the workplace distraction of a “training shift”, and minimizes the very human possibility of incomplete instruction due to unintentional omission or error. A dynamic global market supports continuing education: explore our available custom e-learning instruction videos options for professional development.

eMotion Picture Studios can also create a fully customizable, interactive 360◦ virtual tour to afford recently hired staff, as well as prospective customers, an insider look at company office space and featured properties.


Promote Corporate Best Practices in High Definition


Great quality commands attention. When the message matters, choose an eMotion Picture Studios construction safety training video; we offer cinematic quality film without the Hollywood price tag.

An option to add time-lapse construction video photography can showcase your company’s work in seconds or minutes, celebrating past accomplishments as you build a collective uncommon future, and creatively demonstrating your team’s indelible contribution to the contemporary skyline.

Strengthen corporate branding and highlight the unique features of your individual business model that protect your investments and human resources. Whether you prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach, we will develop at construction safety training video, tailored to your requirements and preferences, that promotes employee competency as well as a sense of pride in their unique working environment.

See the difference professional results can make. For crystal clear images and sound, our film production services bring your vision to life at a price that suits your bottom line.


Engaging Construction Training Videos for an Empowered Workforce


A retained and reinforced safety message leads to greater understanding, and ultimately better, more conscientious performance.

Deliver a complete overview of required personal protective equipment and proper protocols through powerful visual media. eMotion Picture Studios can create your memorable construction safety training video through advantages such as time-lapse photography, animation and multimedia, walk-on video and green screen capabilities.

Reach a wider audience and double your chances at accurate information recall with our optional subtitles or closed captioning, translation or voice over services. Contact our team for details.


The Complete Package


Get your construction safety training video project off the ground, with just one call.

Contact eMotion Picture Studios to begin personalized script development, and schedule 2 full days of video shoots and 3 days of professional editing. Your quality finished product may be delivered in less than one week’s time, with archival services for future updates available to you.

Ours is construction site safety training that meets your deadlines and exceeds your expectations. On time, and on budget. Every time.


Our Equipment


Using the same type of cameras as are used in the newest box office smash, we shoot and produce affordable, professional construction training videos for clients across Canada and beyond in high definition for a wide variety of portable and web-based formats.

We come prepared for the job. Along with our full suite of camera and editing equipment, we bring our own hard hats and safety boots required to film a construction safety training video where the action happens.


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