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It’s no easy task to run a successful restaurant.  It requires all of your employees to be on the same page at all times, clear communication, and a FOH and BOH staff who are up to date on all of your company’s policies. Achieving these goals will ensure that customers are provided the type of experience that will  soon convert them into regulars.

At the heart of this success is a well trained staff kept to the highest standards. Customer service, food handling, as well as specific roles and tasks, are all aspects of a restaurant that need to be taught to incoming staff. Traditionally, these training sessions are done during orientation of new staff by an experienced employee or a manager. Though these methods have proven to be sufficient, there are certain parts of training that can be overlooked during the more conventional methods. Restaurant training videos can be used as an addition to employee orientation that is able to convey information in a more efficient manner.


The Importance of Properly Training Employees


A large part of FOH practices involve great customer service, with the end goal of leaving people with a “wow” impression, thereby increasing the chance that they will visit again. Servers, bartenders and hosts are responsible for most -if not all- customer service and can make or break a restaurant’s reputation.

Managers, chefs and other kitchen staff are all a part of BOH operations, making sure everything runs smoothly behind the closed kitchen and office doors.

It is important that each employee understand the intricacies of their role at your restaurant, as well as how to handle issues such as customer complaints, quality control, properly ordering inventory, food and drink specs, how your expo is run and so on.  Having a standardized training program in place ensures that your new hires are prepared for any situation, resulting in fewer incidents which may lead to negative feedback.

Restaurant training videos can also be advantageous to corporate chains.  This will help standardize training at multiple locations, to ensure guests experience the same levels of service at all of your locales. In addition to making certain the customer is well taken care of, restaurant training videos help reduce waste by properly outlining each of your menu items’ and drinks’ exact specs, reducing costs greatly over time.


Why Use Restaurant Training Videos?


Restaurant training videos will streamline your employee orientation process, while at the same time free up your supervisors’, managers’ and senior staff’s time, but that’s only the beginning…

Restaurant training videos also provide:


Continuity of Training


In large chain restaurants, it is important that a customer receive the same service at every location. This builds a sense of comfort and trust between the customer and the brand, causing them to be more likely to go to that chain when they are in an unfamiliar place.  Specific videos like restaurant service training videos, as well as restaurant management training videos are tools that can be used to help create a consistency in service.

In addition to a consistency in service, restaurant management training videos help guarantee that different locations will be held to the same standards, ensuring all management teams are on the same page.  Employees at each location will receive the same model of leadership from their management team which may result in lower turnover rates thereby saving the company money. Restaurant training videos can also provide training in a timely manner for seasonal employees. A fast food training video, for example, would allow a fast food restaurant to train seasonal employees quickly without overbearing them with information they do not need.


Quality control


Ask ten bartenders how to make the best Caesar on the planet, and it should come as no surprise that you will end up with 10 different recipes.  Wondering why that beetroot salad doesn’t look quite right? How come this tenderloin is so much bigger than the last one that went out?

While a certain level of creativity among your staff can sometimes yield excellent results, it more often than not opens the door to several potential customer complaints.  Outlining exact recipes through the use of restaurant training videos will eliminate inconsistencies in how your menu items- both food and drink- go out.  This will in turn, shorten prep time, and greatly reduce your food waste and beverage spillage at the end of the week.


Improved Sales


How is it that certain employees always seem to have bigger reads than others? When you go through the list of items sold at the end of the night, the same servers always seem to sell more high end food items, and always get the guest to buy that nice bottle of red.

Up-selling is no accident, and neither are big reads.  A restaurant service training video can help capture the techniques being used by your best sellers.

Model the best: Improve the rest.


Versatility of Videos


A large amount of different skill sets and responsibilities can be explained through the use of particular restaurant training videos. Once a basic foundation has been set, more specific videos can be used to highlight the responsibilities for different roles. In the example of fast food training videos, the role of an employee working the fryers will differ from an employee that is hired to work a drive through, thus both roles would have specific videos. After viewing their specific fast food training video, the employees could then start more hands on training.

This specificity can also help improve customer service, a host/hostess or a server can use a restaurant service training video that highlights how to best approach a table based on the environment the customers have created. Whether the videos are being used to train servers on how best to greet their table or teaching all employees food handler safety, they make an excellent addition to the traditional orientation and training procedures. This allows for endless possibilities with regards to how a company or owner may want to use restaurant training videos simply by being as specific or as general as seen fit.


Delivery of New Information


The service industry is forever changing and updating to keep up with the new demands of customers. This means that the learning in restaurant environments is hardly ever limited to the initial training period. By using restaurant training videos regularly, a company can keep employee training up to date in a timely manner. Rather than having a training day to implement new standards, requirements or roles, companies could simply have a specific restaurant training video to convey the message. This is especially useful for corporate chain restaurants that need to implement changes across all locations as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fast food chains for instance can be notified about new menu items simply by watching a new fast food training video teaching them how to make it. Management teams at different locations could all be updated at the same time using a restaurant management training video that outlines, not only their roles, but also roles now expected of the rest of the staff, making the management team helpful in conveying new information.


Keeping Employees Updated and Informed


Restaurant training videos are a great tool to be used as a way to keep large companies updated on what is happening both within the restaurant and company. Restaurant service training videos could act as a tool to communicate complaints, compliments and improvements to servers and hosts/hostesses allowing for changes to be made and implemented quickly. Restaurant management training videos could be used to show the work being done at other restaurants, highlighting what works, what doesn’t and how to improve. Another example is the use of a fast food training video as a way of sharing results of experimental or promotional menu items at various locations.




Using eMotion Picture Studios to make your Restaurant Training Video


The benefits of using restaurant training videos are clear and easy to see, and making one can be just as easy with the right training video company. eMotion Picture Studios specializes in video production and can help make the training videos you want.




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Once we are done shooting, our training video company can bring the editing to you. Not only does this mean you will have a say in the process every step of the way, it also means that eMotion Picture Studios cuts back on time needed to go back and forth with questions and concerns. Your restaurant service training video will be done quickly and exactly the way you want it.


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