Video Testimonials

Professional Testimonial Video Production

Take your message to the next level with eMotion Picture Studios. From initial concept to final testimonial video production, our team of top certified technicians and videographers works with your characteristic vision to develop compelling, informative footage for corporate, industrial and medical clientele suitable for DVD and virtual promotional content.

Drive sales, increase brand awareness and connect with your audience with the advantage of targeted testimonial advertising.  Since 1999, we’ve shot over one thousand videos for nearly as many companies across Canada and the United States, each with a unique purpose and point of view. eMotion Picture Studios delivers your customer testimonial to your audience, your way.  Available in a wide variety of formats for your next trade show or company landing page, a promotional or endorsement video can be customized to highlight your commercial strengths through individual histories, multi-media and advanced Green Screen technology.

Through authentic, first-person experience, consumer testimonials offer your potential clients the insight and the confidence they need make their next purchase. We can help you create the most effective patron to prospective client testimonial for your brand, in high definition, with your own unique perspective  in mind.

Testimonial Advertising Works. But You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for It.

 Take word of mouth promotion to the next level with online client testimonials, direct from your own satisfied customers, employees, students or patients. eMotion Picture Studios can help you create and add testimonials to your website featuring glowing individual endorsements on high quality film.

Hiring? Why not enhance your search for the right fit with employee video testimonials on your homepage which let them know what working at your company is all about? A more personal way  to bridge the gap between the business and the buyer, video narrative engages the audience and delivers mass appeal. But you didn’t hear it from us.

Save with the eMotion Picture Studios 3 Pack Testimonial Video Package

 Sometimes more is better. With our 3 pack testimonial advertising package, you’ll receive a trio of high impact videos customized to suit your business goals for use across a wide variety of e-communications and social media platforms. Offered as one of our exclusive premium video packages, this selection will include a strategic meeting and script development, up to one and a half filming days with access to optional Green Screen and Teleprompter, graphics and animation, as well as translation, voice-over and subtitle services and exceptional quality professional certified editing.

Studio and On-Site Filming

At eMotion Picture Studios, we offer a variety of choices when it comes to filming client testimonial videos, with both in-studio and on-site capabilities. We extend an uncommon flexibility made possible by a small team of dedicated staff and advanced mobile equipment including a state-of-the-art comprehensive editing suite that enables any changes to a rough cut to be made on the spot.

At our introductory consultation, we’ll tailor as a team the overall structure and theme of your firm’s requested customer testimonial. We’re proud to offer a fully-equipped modern studio and mobile suite which can accommodate your choice of formal or more casual setting, allow filming to take place on-location, and transport your subject virtually anywhere through the magic of a digital background.  eMotion Picture Studios is pleased to provide the unique advantage of Green Screen Services as an in-studio or rental option for business testimonials as well as the production of promotional and instructional videos.

Script Development & On-Camera Coaching

 Chances are, your best customer may not be a professional actor. At eMotion Picture Studios, we can set up an initial meeting with the people who will be sharing their story to better engage the camera,  highlight the strongest points of their firsthand experience, and create a stronger connection to your market audience.

We love a great success story. Especially a story with pictures. We’re happy to incorporate “before and after” photos seamlessly into videos that  focus on product comparisons or feature patient testimonials about cosmetic procedures such as in-office teeth whitening or veneers.

New to the camera? We’ll help you make it look easy! At eMotion Picture Studios, we’re pleased to share a few of our most infallible professional wardrobe and speaking tips to put your subject at ease, and to best prepare a sincere, winning script and storyboard to deliver maximum impact.

Broaden Your Audience with Added Production Value

 Don’t let your message get lost in translation. Reach an even broader audience with subtitled testimonial videos. Ask us about our languages and voice-over services we offer.

 Why HD?

 Or rather, why not? At eMotion Picture Studios, we bring you the finest in high definition film and equipment, such as the Ultra HD RED Epic and Sony FS7 cameras preferred by motion picture industry professionals, so the quality of your video testimonial is as sharp as your message, just as nature intended.

 High-Quality Streaming

 Don’t let a choppy transmission get between you and your next sale. Your web-based client testimonial can make or break your chances with new and potential customers, so put your best footage forward with eMotion Picture Studios high-quality video streaming and downloads.

On Time. On Budget. Every Time.

 To compete in a fast-paced international market, timing is everything; and with the global reach of the internet, your company’s product testimonials may be viewed from anywhere, at any time of day. At eMotion Picture Studios, we’ve eliminated the typical inefficiencies of the video case study by choosing to use a portable editing suite and by adhering to a pre-determined budget and timeline. Give us a call today for your free quote: we’ll stay within the estimated values, guaranteed. To serve you better, most customer testimonial videos can be produced in as few as five days.

One More Time, with eMotion: Share Video Testimonials on Disc and Online

 Ready to go viral? Go mobile. At eMotion, we’re always thinking about new and better ways to get your message out there, and it all starts here.

We can help you create influential business testimonials and advertising suitable for most mobile devices, as well as integrate client testimonials on your website, so wherever there’s potential, there you are.

Your video may also be transferred to hard copy on a variety of media of your choice, including Blu-Ray and DVD. We’ll keep up with your newest innovations and updates without reinventing the wheel: the finished product of your customer testimonial may be securely archived for streamlined editing or duplication upon your request.

Attract New Customers with Concise Company Testimonial Advertising for the Successful Trade Show

 Distinguish yourself from the hundreds of other presenters at corporate trade shows with effective company testimonial advertising. When you’re looking for an instant connection, success videos featuring your own satisfied clients offer a more personal second opinion for an unforgettable first impression.

 Student Testimonials

 In the marketing sector and represent a school, learning aid company, tutoring service or educational product? Student testimonials may be your key to a more relatable dialogue for recruitment or retail. Describe a university or college experience from the undergrad perspective, and offer your prospective applicants and their parents or guardians a singular insight into campus culture; or, illustrate the benefits of a public or private institution’s unique programs, continuing education and extracurricular activities through the eyes of someone who’s been there.

They have goals. Be their means to a beginning.

Patient Testimonials

 More than simply about providing excellence  in research and medicine, health care providers also often play the role of trusted advisor on personal issues related to overall wellness. Perhaps one of the most important professional relationships an individual may have, your partnership with your medical doctor, dentist or therapist is built on a strong foundation, often begun on the basis of a referral from a current or former patient.

In an increasingly connected world, more often than not, many people turn to online testimonials and rankings for credible reviews, including for those local medical centres such as your own.If you are looking to build your practice, let these positive voices be the cornerstone of your success.

We share your commitment to providing accurate, beneficial health information to our communities. At eMotion Picture Studios, we also offer visual media options to medical doctors regarding patient education, with full accreditation available.

Consumer Testimonial Advertising for a Better Bottom Line

Like a trusted friend calling to fill you in on the next big thing, the best video testimonial productions reflect a genuine experience and a refreshingly candid viewpoint. Widely proven to strengthen brand awareness, especially when compared to more traditional marketing methods, video is also fast becoming the preferred avenue in the search for information online.  Increase your chances to make the sale with the power of visual media, with accessible, exciting product testimonials delivered from one satisfied customer to your next.

Our People

 At eMotion Picture Studios, ours is a small, dynamic team made up of professionals from diverse backgrounds that bring the best to you every day. Versatile and highly mobile, we’re often able to travel to our clients with minimal notice. Having produced a wide variety of creative and documentary features, widely published photojournalism and promotional materials, our experienced team affords your project a wealth of expertise while delivering the best value  in the business.

Our Portfolio

 Over the past decade, we’ve worked with some of North America’s most recognized brands across a wide variety of sectors from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to build a portfolio which now includes such distinguished business leaders as Apple, Speedy and Cadbury as well as the esteemed banking institutions of BMO and TD.

It’s time to tell your story. We look forward to meeting with you.

Our Process

 See the difference for yourself, all in about one week or less. When you align with eMotion Picture Studios, we work with you to create effective testimonial advertising that works for you. How much or how little you would like to be involved in the creative process is entirely up to you, but our steadfast commitment to high quality video production remains the same.

Your Success is Our Business

 Sure, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a great visual story combined with a sincere customer testimonial? Virtually irresistible. The simple addition of a short, professionally produced video on your website has been proven to help increase traffic, brand recognition and sales. We’ll help you connect innovation with necessity with original direct marketing that speaks to your target audience, through your target audience, for a better ROI.

Site Hosting & Website Production

We can do more than help create a customer testimonial video, which represents but your first step towards a great visual marketing campaign. At eMotion Picture Studios, we have the tools you need to get your product uploaded to the virtual communication platform of your choice. We’ll get your video testimonial on disc or your preferred method of distribution, on your website, and on your favourite social media, as well as offer you the option of our professional video hosting services and ongoing tech support.

Contact eMotion Picture Studios for Video Testimonials that Mean Business

Need a video? We can help. Contact eMotion Picture Studios at 1-289-259-8059, send us a message by online form, or live chat with one of our web-based support agents today to inquire about the high impact client testimonial videos that will get you results.

We’re pleased to serve  individual and corporate patrons across Canada and the U.S.A. from our offices at 980 Fraser Drive in Burlington, Ontario, and 246 Queen Street in the heart of downtown