Filming Your Way to The Top


SEO Basics

SEO is designed to help websites out perform their competitors based on 3 key essentials to a success campaign. The first secret is SEO is that search engines have to be able to trust your website. We know that trust is built over time and with the right linking partners.

The second SEO secret is that content on your website needs to be transparent. Search engine spiders crawl websites, and need to be able to index the information on your website.

Finally, search engines want to find only one, relevant topic per a page of content. This way, the search engine can provide the best possible page for a user’s search query.

We borrow these three SEO secrets any apply them when we are writing scripts and filming videos.

Video Production And The Importance For SEO

Video views is an important part of search engine optimization that many businesses have not tapped into yet. GeekCertified’s sister company, eMotion Picture Studios, has been assisting clients with improving search rank position by producing videos at a high caliber production status.

Our clients have managed to stay ahead of their competitors by driving traffic to their website via videos. This increase in traffic has also improved their sales. A branded video can increase the trust a potential client has in your company.

When you put a face to your company, people are more likely to purchase your product or service because they can see the people behind the brand. You humanize your company when you have a video showing your staff, work environment, and your product.

There are a multitude of video ideas that you can use for your website. A branded video, with an overview of your company and your service, is a great way to intrigue visitors. Give them a general understanding of who you are, and what you do. Keep them interested enough to visit other pages on your website.
One suggestion, depending on your product, could be a “How-to” video. If you are selling a product that requires assembly, why not shoot a video for your customers to watch on “how-to” assemble your product.

Another video idea is a career video. If you are recruiting for your company, you could shoot a video that would entice potential candidates to apply to your company.

These types of videos peak viewers’ interest and keep them engaged. Consumers are more likely to watch a three minute video than they are to read a page of content.

Here is an example of a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver that has used a video to maximize their return on investment.

Going Viral

Posting a video on YouTube, and embedding that video into your web page, is going to drive traffic to your website, especially if your video goes viral. A viral video is is passed from one viewer to others.

In order for your video to go viral, you should have a professional video and script with proper video optimization. Video optimization requires writing a description that is SEO optimized, as well as H tags that follow best practices. With quality production, a professional script, and proper video optimization, you can view a substantial improvement in website ranking and traffic.

Although there are a multitude of video sharing websites, YouTube not only has 40% of the total number of users but it is also a Google product. Search engines are aware when your video is played. Although it is important to reach every potential lead, Google is the current powerhouse in organic search.  As we know, using a Google product can only benefit you when it comes to search traffic.

A web page’s search engine ranking, as well as overall interest index will increase when a video is added to the website. The combination of an enticing video, with compelling content is quickly becoming best practice in the SEO world.