Employee Orientation Videos

Employee Orientation Videos

Scripting, Storyboarding, Shooting, Editing, Outputs

An employee orientation video is an excellent investment if your company is experiencing growth, turnover, or wanting to make the most of valuable employee training time. Training new people takes time, money and energy; a training video helps make onboarding your new hires easy, fast and consistent.

Using a video means that every new employee on your staff will receive the same orientation. Once hired, an employee can view the video, leaving your managers free to work on other tasks. Also, your staff can keep the video as a reminder of company policies and procedures. Custom-made to suit your company’s needs, employee orientation videos save money, time, and offer a fantastic return on investment.

Employee Orientation Video Reel

Over A Decade Experience

eMotion Picture Studios has been in business since 1999, producing high-quality corporate videos for some of North America’s leading companies. Our client list includes: Rogers, Kraft, Cadbury, Bank of Montreal, Apple, 3M and many more.

Our two-man video production team have extensive experience shooting, editing and producing hundreds of training videos. These videos have helped our customers onboard employees in every field imaginable.

State Of The Art Equipment

At eMotion Picture Studios, we take corporate video production as seriously as our clients take training their new staff. We use state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee our videos are shot in the highest resolution. Our editors have spent thousands of hours cutting and mixing corporate videos with sound and effects that are geared to impress.

Our Burlington studio is fit for Hollywood, providing the perfect setting for video production in Toronto and the GTA. Equipped with a green-screen and Red Epic X camera, we can shoot high-definition video with virtually any background you need. Using Final Cut Pro in our editing suite, we can add effects and transitions that can turn a sometimes boring employee orientation video into something that really shines and grabs the viewers’ attention.[hr_top]

Your Specialized Corporate Training Video

During a typical nine-day project, our video production team complements your directions with our years of experience to create high quality videos that meet all of your training and messaging goals. Our staff can work with your team to help write a compelling and informative script.  We’ll then shoot the piece onsite or in studio, edit the footage, and export to your choice of online or off line media.

Our team is also equipped for onsite editing.  We bring a portable editing suite to the shooting location, this allows us to keep costs down and to edit the footage with you, ensuring that the end video is exactly what you need.

In a surprisingly short period, you will have an employee orientation video that can be played in a loop or as a DVD, complete with a menu screen.

Our creative team of experienced professionals design your DVD cover and can even stand-in to complete acting or voice-over duties. Once completed, your company will own the rights to the video and are free to do whatever you wish with it. If we don’t complete the project within the time allocated, you will receive an extra day of shooting free, for an additional value of $985/day.

What We Offer

Our employee orientation video package involves nine days of writing, shooting and editing at a cost of $9,985.

We not only help train your employees, but we offer online testing. Once your new hire has viewed our employee orientation video, they can log onto our site and complete a test created by you to make sure our video is delivering the information you need. We provide this service free for up to one year or we can upload the video and test to your company’s intranet and provide you with a DVD copy.

Our video production team will travel all over North America to get the footage we need. Because our video production team frequently travels, they enjoy discounted flights in and out of Buffalo and Toronto, we happily pass these savings on to our clients.

Make eMotion Picture Studios your choice and we guarantee to produce an employee orientation video that is perfect for your company. Please give us a call (1-289-259-8059), or email us ( to receive a free quote.