Customer Service Training Videos

Buying and selling products and services are what makes the business world go round. At the center of these businesses are the reason they are able to operate; customers. Without customers, businesses wouldn’t be able to function; they would have a service or product with no one to sell it to.

Often times, businesses forget that customers should be their primary focus, which is generally seen in a lack of sound customer service. Depending on the quality, customer service can make or break a business’s reputation. Excellent customer service is necessary in helping to increase sales by increasing the amount a customer spends, as well as increasing the chance they will come back to your business again. One way to ensure that your customers are getting the best service is to ensure that all employees are trained, and trained well. Customer service training videos are an excellent tool to ensure the customer is being treated well by ensuring your employees have been given the necessary tools to perform their duties diligently. can add a new ending, blend in a new section or make any number of changes to your video, at any time, without re-shooting the whole thing. It saves lots of time and money, and stretches the investment you have made in a video even further.

Is Quality Customer Service that Important?

The relationship between quality customer service and business is best represented by a waiter and his table. Better customer service is more often than not rewarded by a better tip and usually, it is as simple as that. The customer feels like they are being taken care of and rewards the business, in this case the waiter, as a result. Similarly, all businesses should strive to make their customers happy and feel taken care of in order to receive a better ‘tip’, or help increase sales.

The increase in sales comes from customers who are treated well by employees who, in turn, were trained with proper customer service skills. Customer service training videos will help employees learn how to best handle customers which can lead to an increase in customer loyalty, increase in the amount of money spent by each customer and a higher chance the customer will come back another time. All of these things can easily be achieved through the use of quality tools like customer service training videos, made to help show employees how to keep the customer happy.

Why Use a Customer Service Training Video?

Reputation Management

Have you ever browsed the online reviews of a restaurant before going? Have any of your friends ever given you negative feedback on a store or product, based on the service they were given? Take control of your company’s reputation through the use of a customer service training video.  Our training video company excels at outlining your company’s best practices, giving your employees the tools they require to handle difficult customers.  Be proactive. Preventing poor reviews and feedback is much easier than trying to improve upon an established poor reputation.

Increase Sales

Making sure a customer leaves happy is one of the easiest ways to increase sales. When a customer leaves happy they are more likely to perform a number of actions. First, a happy customer is more likely to spend more money at your business. Happier customers are easier to upsell to because they feel you have their best interest in mind. Second, a happy customer is more likely to tell their circle that they are happy with your business and your product, acting as a sort of ambassador of the brand. Lastly, a happy customer is more likely to come back, and bring people with them. Customer service skills training videos will show your employees how to handle different types of customers, increasing customer satisfaction, and ultimately, sales.

Raise the Bar

When veteran employees and managers take on the role of training incoming employees, there is a lack of consistency. Not every employee is getting the same training, especially if there is more than one person involved in the process. Certain managers may emphasize one thing while another one may forget it all together. If employees aren’t being given the same information, it is hard to hold them to the same standards and expect the same results. Customer service skills training videos will help you emphasize company policies and best practices, enabling you to hold all employees to the same standards knowing they have the same foundation.

By holding employees to a high standard, you can make sure that they are covering all the necessary points to properly take care of each customer. An employee will only be as good as the foundation set by initial training; customer service training videos are an ideal way to ensure each employee will have enough knowledge to provide excellent service to every customer. Now, rather than having a few excellent employees in a customer service department, you’ll have an entire department ready to take on any concerns a customer may have.

Comprehensive Training

In an age of technology, it’s not practical to talk at a group of people or have them read long passages of a hand book and hope they are absorbing crucial information. Customer service skills training videos can be used to cater to different learning styles, ensuring that more of your incoming employees are grasping the concepts presented to them.  Video stimulates multiple senses simultaneously, greatly increasing an individual’s ability to retain the given information.

Customer service skills training videos can also be utilized to as scenario based training to show new employees how to and how to not handle and deal with customers in a variety of difficult scenarios. The use of customer service training videos in lieu of veteran employees and managers allows for the benefit of scenario based training without the need for extra employees, while simultaneously reducing any errors in training that could be caused by a lack of consistency, or omission of critical information.

Getting your Hands on a Customer Service Training Video

So you’ve decided to move forward with your customer service training video initiative…now what?  Choosing a training video company from the myriad of choices available is a daunting task, and while we may be a little biased, we’re also certain that we truly are the right choice when it comes to training video production.. Here’s why.


For over 15 years our training video company has been creating high quality videos for large, well known brands such as Gerber, Speedy and Gatorade. Given that we have worked with such large brands, we’re confident that our experienced team will deliver a customer service training video that will meet your needs, and exceed your expectations- not your budget.

Make it a team building exercise. You and your employees are welcome to star in your own video!. With access to teleprompters, and the ability to document your top employees’ best selling practices, eMotion can bring to the screen all of your company’s best practices, demonstrated by the very people who utilize them on a daily basis.  Feeling camera shy? No need to worry, our training video company also has access to actors, voice over professionals, and state of the art editing suites, giving you the bird’s eye view of your production’s progress. At eMotion Picture Studios you are only limited by your own imagination. From training videos to ones that are all about ISOs, and everything in between, eMotion Picture Studios has you covered.

Portable editing suites, and live video backup

With eMotion, editing your training video is simple and stress free.  We have the option to take the back and forth out of it, with portable editing suites, which allow us to not only produce your video quicker, but gives you unprecedented access and control over your projects’ final cut. In addition to this, we keep live backups of all of your video footage, which allows your company to quickly and efficiently update your video with the latest company policies, whenever you want, and however many times you require it to be done!

Interactive testing

Want to be sure your employees have grasped the core concepts of your customized training module? We offer online interactive testing, ensuring that the information has been understood, and retained.  Each employee will be printed a certificate of completion which can be added to their file, helping you keep track of their training progress.

Quality work requires quality people. We’ve got both, and so should you.  get started on your tailor-made customer service training video today.

Give us a call at 1-289-259-8059 to see how quick and easy it can be and for a no-obligation quote.