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Custom Video Production With eMotion

Video marketing initiatives are quickly becoming the norm, and with good reason.  Studies have shown that video search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain text results.  This could be due to the fact that images stimulate the senses more than written words do, or that an online video icon is a more compelling call to action than a simple statement about your goods and services is; the reason doesn’t really matter when you consider the results. People prefer watching and sharing videos more than reading and sharing blogs and journals. ( It’s estimated that more than 500 years worth of YouTube videos are watched every day on social platforms such as Facebook, and that more than 700 online videos are shared each minute on Twitter) The importance of including a custom video production into your next online marketing campaign is very real.

eMotion Picture Studios has been creating quality custom video productions for over 15 years, with a resume that features anything from small business videos, to full on corporate video productions for powerhouse brands that are recognized globally.

We can script, storyboard, shoot, edit and output your custom video production in as little as 8 days.  With access to multiple drones, the Red Epic X camera, our in-house and portable Green Screens and teleprompter, we have the equipment to match our experience.

The benefits of a partnership with eMotion don’t end there though…

Achieve a greater R.O.I on your next online marketing initiative by lowering the front end cost of producing online videos for use in multiple mediums with eMotion Picture Studios. Here’s how we do it.

Live Video Backup


Live video backup means keeping all the digital files that make up your custom video production, including separate visual and voice tracks, on a hard drive. With live video backup, we can add a new ending, blend in a new section or make any number of changes to your video, at any time, without re-shooting the whole thing. It saves on time and money, and stretches the investment you have made in your video much further.

You will find that most custom video production houses use a Beta SP tape as a master for backups. This is like taking all of the layers of your video, voice-over, music, graphics and animations and super gluing them all together onto one tape.

At some point in time, you may wish to edit your video’s length, add a new section, update critical product or service information, or add a voice over in another language.  You may also find it economically advantageous to repurpose content  from your original video in a number of ways, such as creating a promotional video for your website, or utilizing a  condensed version of your video for smartphone or blackberry use. The problem is that it’s impossible to separate the original layers. If all you have to work with is Beta SP, your options are extremely limited.

eMotion keeps all of the digital files used to make your finished marketing or training video production on a dedicated external computer hard drive. This way, we have all the raw data that we had when we came up with the final version of your original training or corporate video. All we need to do to update or repurpose your custom video production is plug in the external hard drive and re-edit – just as we did after the original shoot.


Video Compression


Video Compression. That’s the secret. For online videos to load quickly and stream smoothly, the file needs to be compressed to as small a size as possible – and here’s the trick – without compromising quality.

eMotion Picture Studios has spent tens of thousands of man-hours developing a proprietary technology that delivers the fastest loading, smoothest webcasts on the planet. No one else comes close. We’ve achieved super compression not only for regular video, but also for {High-Definition (HD) video}, which looks fantastic on the big screen. The industry norm for HD is 6000 kilobytes per second, which takes ages to load and can cause your computer to crash. We’ve got it down to 800.


Repurpose Video Editing


DVD is becoming a dated delivery method. In today’s world, people view videos on more than just a television.

Discover the ways upcycling video footage can increase your ROI. There are dozens of online applications as well as in-house uses for your custom video production that will extend its life and get it seen by more audiences.

At eMotion, we combine our experience creating small business videos to full scale corporate branding initiatives with our compression technology to increase the R.O.I produced by your original custom video production. Here are just a few things we can do with your video:


Web Integration


Take full advantage of both your website and your custom video production by combining the two! Video SEO tactics and online video advertising are used every day by industry leaders worldwide, and should not be overlooked.

With our web integration services we can put your video right onto your website, on YouTube or anywhere else on the web for visitors to watch. Start grabbing your visitors’ attention with a dynamic and entertaining video now.


Internet Video Production


Our team is Apple Certified Professional, meaning we know how to cut, shoot, and in this case, edit any footage required to create potentially viral  marketing videos.  Whether you’ve recently begun using YouTube for marketing purposes, or would like to include your video on your website, eMotion has the tools and experience required to get the job done.

Video SEO has shown itself to be an effective way to increase traffic on your website, prolong visits once customers find your website, and generates more leads than any other form of content combined. Take your custom video production and repurpose it for use on your website, and watch the leads pour in!

YouTube Video Marketing


Interesting and relevant videos posted on YouTube can generate a lot of buzz for your company. It’s also a great way to drive traffic to your site. More videos are watched on YouTube then all other video mediums combined! Here are a few examples of how to repurpose your custom video production for use on YouTube.

Educational videos:
Workplace video productions can be a great way to educate people on your company, your philosophy and your offerings.  Post branded corporate videos online to attract new clients, by trimming your original video down to between 90-120 seconds, and get your message across in a clear and concise manner.

Event coverage and buzz generation:

Have a great event coverage video from the past?  Let us repurpose video content from the original shoot and create a buzz-generating and potentially viral marketing video for you to share on your YouTube channel, and incorporate into your overall social media video marketing strategy.

Promotional video production:

With 100 million videos viewed every day, advertising on YouTube is an inexpensive and effective alternative to traditional marketing techniques. Take your small business videos and turn them into revenue by transforming them into online video ads.


Video For PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint videos are an excellent way to grab attention at your next meeting, or during your next public speaking event.  Blend all or part of your video into a PowerPoint presentation. It’s another great way to get more mileage out of your video by repurposing it.

Video adds a layer of information and involvement to PowerPoint that bullet points and charts just can’t achieve. It provokes interest, delights and informs. It can also provide a well-timed break for the presenter. Because we keep a live video backup of all of our client work, editing it for inclusion in PowerPoint presentations is quick and inexpensive. So delight your audiences and supercharge your presentations with PowerPoint videos.


Smartphone Video, Blackberry Video & PDA Video


Videos get shared 1200% more than any other form of media.  Arm your sales team with a readily accessible corporate or promotional video.  We’ll use our super compression capabilities and edit a video made to share on your smart phones, tablets and blackberries.

Your full-length video can quickly be edited for use on mobile devices such as Blackberry™, Samsung Galaxy™ and other personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Not everyone has time to sit down in front of a television, or a computer, and watch a promotional video.  Sales forces, on-the-job trainers and others are taking advantage of video on mobile devices to communicate powerful messages while on the move.

Give people who matter the opportunity to focus on your message whenever they have a precious few minutes – in a cab, on a train – anywhere!

It’s inexpensive to do. Since we keep a live video backup of your video with all the raw data that we used to create the original, formulating a version that works for mobile devices is a snap.


Tradeshow Video Production


Lure the tradeshow crowds in with a fresh take on your custom video production.  eMotion will revise your video content and create an eye catching visual representation of your brand that will enhance your presence on a hectic tradeshow floor.  Add subtitles to help convey your brand’s message in a bustling environment. Looking for a fresh way to connect with prospective clientele at trade show events?  Putting your tradeshow video production on a thumb drive is a clever way of taking your brand marketing to the next level. We pre-load thumb drives with your custom video production and brand it with your logo making it an extremely effective marketing tool.

We custom print your logo or message on a thumb drive and lanyard, providing additional branding for you at seminars and conventions. Our designs stand out from the others and they will be able to draw in more people. It’s a classy way of getting your message across, and it works.

Take your brand to the next level and render a version of your tradeshow video onto branded USB sticks.

Already have a tradeshow video?  We’ll create dozens of new applications for it and produce noteworthy R.O.I on your marketing initiative.

For more information on how we make video work for you, call us toll free at 1-289-259-8059, or message us directly online.