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About Us

eMotion Picture Studios is a professional video production company that specializes in web video production in a multitude of fields. These include corporate and industrial videos, pharmaceutical and medical videos, and finally commercial and infomercial type videos. With one thousand productions completed, eMotion has accrued an impressive list of clientele. As such, eMotion has established itself as a professional video service that provides web video production to leading companies across the globe.

eMotion Picture Studios is a web video production company that offers both pre-production and post-production video services. Website video production is very similar to traditional video production in that it entails the capture of moving images, and the implementation of live video editing, and post-production. In simplest terms, web video production is the art and service of creating content and delivering a finished video product. In order to fully appreciate what makes eMotion Picture Studios so special it is critical to understand the principles of lean manufacturing.

The term lean manufacturing refers to the reduction of inefficiencies within a manufacturing process. Web video production is no different than any other product that undergoes multiple stages of refinement in that it can be a laborious and tedious process plagued by redundancy. Bill Wilson joined his son Scott in founding eMotion Picture Studios in 1999, with the notion that they could perform a better, more efficient job than any web video production company on the planet. With a background in industrial engineering, Bill Wilson is well acquainted with the principles of lean manufacturing. It was his vision to quell wasted time and wasted effort that came from filming and editing in different locations, and traveling to clients to present the results. He saw make-up, set design, DVD authoring and other specialists hired, at great expense, for a brief one-time input. By utilizing lean video production eMotion Picture Studios reduces wasted time and expense for clients. This means you save on time and cost. Portable editing suites enable us to bring all aspects of professional video services directly to you.

Professional video production is an enterprise that can vary greatly in size. Traditionally, professional video production was restricted to large, multi-camera set-ups that required many crew members to operate. As such it is a process that can benefit from technological refinements, and a well-versed and experienced production team. A halfway decent camcorder can be used to develop something like a home movie, but for more elaborate projects, sophisticated gear may be required to finish the jobs. eMotion Picture Studios has twenty full-time employees, and a huge inventory of camera equipment including a Red Epic-X camera. Hollywood films like The Hobbit, Jurassic World and Avengers: Age of Ultron were all shot-on-red, meaning they were filmed with a Red Epic-X camera. It is state-of-the-art technology and an experienced production team that enables eMotion Picture Studios to deliver a polished video product.

Our Production Team


Tim Hagen

After graduating from university, Tim spent most of the 1990s exploring all seven continents. With a keen interest in photography, Tim has captured images from the Turkana Peoples of East Africa, the Dayak Long Ears of Borneo and of the many cultures throughout the Himalayas and Indochina. Tim continues to travel and shoot videos of exotic locales all over the world. Drawing on his diversified, worldly experiences Tim is able to inject flavor and vigor into any project. Tim is a truly valued member of the production team, and is as responsible as anyone for making eMotion Picture Studios the preferred choice for a professional video company. Among his many honors, Tim has received special mention at the International Banff Mountain Photography Festival, and a Gold Photography award for photojournalism from Studio Magazine. Tim’s photographs have appeared on numerous magazine covers and in several feature essays. Most recently Tim published a wildlife photography book on the Long Point National Wildlife Area in Lake Erie and is currently shooting footage for an upcoming documentary release. Based in Port Dover, Ontario, Tim has been a multimedia instructor and consultant in Toronto since 1998. As a certified Apple Pro Trainer Tim is a seminar leader and software demonstrator for Apple Canada. eMotion Picture Studios is able to consistently deliver professional video services due, in part, to Tim’s extensive capabilities in web video production.

Our Corporate Team

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson’s career began with a video camera. At an early age, he had aspirations of turning his hobby of website video production into a professional video company. This vision came to fruition in 2002 when he was hired to document the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Weekend in Columbus, Ohio. His work was warmly received by many, including Arnold himself. Scott departed with a glowing letter of reference and a revitalized passion to establish his website video production firm, eMotion Picture Studios.