Safety Training Videos


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Script Development
2 Full Days of Shooting
3 Full Days of On-Site Editing
High-Quality Output

The benefits that can result from impactful safety training are endless, ranging from saving time and money, to the potential of saving lives. From one end of the spectrum to the other, these positive results make it an initiative that cannot be ignored.

The Challenges of Safety Training:

  1. Finding and allocating the resources that are necessary to execute quality safety training can be difficult. Ensure that you choose the most effective and efficient tools available in safety training to guarantee an R.O.I on the initiative.
  2. Utilizing a safety training instructor as your sole conduit of infomative training opens the door to human error, inconsistency, and omission of critical information. This reduces the effectiveness of your safety training initiative.

The Benefits Of Safety Training Videos:

Consistent Delivery

Using a safety training video standardizes your training program, and eliminates the possibility of human error. This leads to a better understanding of the material, and a safer work environment. Increase your team’s productivity by reducing their time spent training others. Company representatives can now better allocate their time to other initiatives.

Guarantee Retention

Ensure that your investment is not only seen and heard, but understood. When it comes to safety training videos, a single misunderstood concept can have dire consequences. Studies have shown that retention dramatically increases when material is reviewed and tested. We offer the creation of interactive testing for every safety training video- ensuring key concepts from each module are comprehended before the safety training process continues. This certification process also supports your efforts in proving due diligence for safety regulations, making it a real win-win.

Star in Your Own Production

At eMotion, we believe in employee engagement, and team building. As such, we provide our clients with both the option, and necessary tools ( such as scripting and teleprompter use) to enable their team to jump into the action and star in their own safety training videos! If you’re looking to achieve buy-in to your safety training concepts, strengthen team bonds, and create lasting memories simultaneously, a custom safety training video production with eMotion is your first and last call.

Why Should You Choose EMotion For Your Safety Training Video?

Simply put: we deliver.

With over a decade of experience creating custom video projects for an impressive international client base, our competency in the video production industry is unrivaled. Our unparalleled value comes from our unique ability to complete projects in as little as eight days allowing us to ensure that we meet your deadlines, on time and budget, every time. Whether you prefer working side by side on each step of the process or completely handing it off; our promise to you is that your safety training video will exceed your expectations.